Cloud-computing-safetyOnline cloud backups, otherwise referred to as remote or managed backup services are services, which offer users computer files backup, storage, as well as recovery services. These services can be considered as a system of cloud computing. Of late, remote backup is becoming one among the most common internet services available and it is widely used both by individuals and businesses. It popularity has been greatly contributed to the need for a safe, user-friendly, and economical means of protecting information.

How it Works

It involves sending some copy of data through a proprietary network to some off-site server. A 3rd party service provider usually hosts the server and charges you as a backup customer on the basis of capacity, the number of users, or bandwidth. Within the enterprise, such an off-site server could be proprietary; however, the chargeback approach would be similar.

Normally, online backup systems are built around some client software application, which runs on some schedule dependent on the level of service a customer has purchased. For instance, if you have contracted for daily backups then the application will collect, compress, encrypt, and transfer data on a 24-hour basis. For reduction of bandwidth consumed as well as time taken for files transfer, the service provider may only offer incremental backups after the original full backup.

Why You Might Want One

Losing data can be caused by so many different things.  You could get a virus that cripples your computer, or you could end up getting a ransomware spyware program that encrypts all your data and holds it for ransom.  A good antivirus software program like Norton 360 or a safe spyware removal program like Spyhunter might not help you, and it can take time and money to remove any viruses.  Your hard drive could break, or you could lose your entire home or office in a flood, fire, or earthquake.  Nothing is ever safe, and on-site backups can often be just as vulnerable.  Cloud backups give you an off-site advantage – your data is safe in an entirely different location safe from natural disasters, accidents, and theft.


• Convenience- the service can be accessed from anywhere provided that internet connectivity is available
• Visibility- cloud storage is invisible for every client and purposes: it has no physical presence and does not consume any physical space.
• Cost- data backup equipment happens to be very expensive. Remote backup considerably reduces costs associated with traditional backup. In addition, it offers ample space for data storage at very low monthly charges.
• Automation- through automation, remote backup converts the tedious backing up processes to easy ones. Unlike in traditional methods where you have to follow through, online backup needs you to just select what as well as when you want to backup then the service carries out the rest.
• Sharing- with just very few clicks, this kind of service makes it possible for you to share a single photo or a whole folder full of hundreds of documents
• Syncing- this makes sure that all files are updated automatically across your devices. This way you can still have on your desktop, the latest version of the file you saved on your smartphone.


• Size limitation- most online storage services have limited bandwidth allowance and extra charges for surpassing the provided allowance could be high. However, there are providers who offer unlimited bandwidth, a significant factor to put in mind while looking for a service provider.
• Accessibility- you cannot access your data if you don’t have network connectivity
• Usability- drag/drop is dangerous while transferring files as you may completely remove the file from the initial folder. To copy and pest is the way to go if there is the need to retain a copy in the original folder.
• Data security- personal data could co-mingle with other organizations making business uneasy.


In spite of the requirements for backup, cloud storage via online backup service offers numerous benefits for data storage. Different services, on the other hand, will definitely have more advantages in certain areas over others. Determine what your requirements are first in order to make a wise investment.