How to Remove Spyware from your PC

spywareToday, the Web is filled with mischievous and malicious software. The creators of these fake programs specially developed for the financial reasons. Cyber criminals reap financial benefits by trapping PC users who do not expect them into buying fake antivirus software, making the users pay for non-existent tickets (ransom) to unlock their computer etc.

What is a Spyware?

Spyware is a program that collects and transmits information on your computer. With knowledge of your user profile, so spyware can display targeted advertisements and without your knowledge on your computer.

But spyware can also show more dangerous: they are able to spy programs that you run and the websites you visit, download viruses, install Trojans or worse: to capture passwords by recording keys you press on your keyboard (key-loggers).

You should be especially careful when you browse Web sites that contain:

* Adult content

* Crack software, keygen

* P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Sites

* Warez Sites

Another common spyware infection source is the emails:

* Do not open attachments in emails from questionable senders.

* Scanner always attachments against security infections before downloading.

* Do not click links in questionable emails.

How to tell if your computer is infected with spyware?

* Lower computer performance than normal.

* Your Internet browsers’ home page has been changed without your consent.

* Your systems and your web browsers are known to crash.

* Antivirus or antispyware are blocked.

* Unwanted pop-up windows appear when you browse the Internet.

* Appearance of new toolbars in your web browser without your consent.

These are key indicators of an infected system.

How to protect your computer from Spyware?

Here’s what you need to do to protect you against spyware and malware:

– Choose antivirus software, install it on your computer and leave it on in the background. And once or twice a month, perform a scan with an anti-spyware software. No antivirus software is not waterproof, so it is good to perform with antiviral analysis of other software. If you are not careful enough, spyware can still penetrate your system. These anti-spyware programs help in removing spyware. Be sure to only have antivirus software installed on your computer to have two different programs can cause problems.

– Keep your operating system and all installed software update makes your computer more resistant to various exploits, Trojans, and viruses.

– Flash frequent updates, Java, Web browsers and the operating system is required, and use a computer with software that is outdated increases your chances of being infected with malware and spyware to high risk.

– You can use an Adware Cleaner is to do a quick search of malware in the most sensitive parts of your system. It is simple to use, highly efficient and continues to improve with every version.

– You can also manually remove the spyware by removing features and program that do not belong to your computer.

– If you still find clues to the presence of spyware after trying to uninstall or remove them from the Control Panel, you may need to reinstall Windows and your programs.

What should you do if you cannot execute safety programs? (Malware blocks the execution of a security software)

Before scanning your computer to go into Safe Mode with Networking:

1. Click Start, click Shut Down, click Restart, and click OK. During the computer window restart process press F8 on your keyboard repeatedly until you see the Windows Advanced Options menu, then select the network in Safe Mode from the list.

2. Download a legitimate antivirus and anti-spyware and run a full system scan.